Will Manny be more Popular now in the US with the airing of Fight Camp 360 by CBS?

I watched through Youtube last night the video clips of the trailer and the 1st episode of the Pacquiao-Mosley pre-fight hype in Showtime/CBS before their scheduled fight on May 7, 2011. Episode 1 and the up-coming episodes are features of Fight Camp 360 which had also aired previous fights of Mike Tyson and Fedor vs. Rogers.

The transfer from HBO to CBS in the telecast of the Pacquiao-Mosley was a bold move made by Bob Arum, who owns Top Rank, that left HBO settle to other less popular boxing matches. The good thing with Showtime/CBS is that it reaches out to mainstream viewers in the US. It is said that the Fight Camp 360 Pacquiao-Mosley will be aired by CBS on prime time. The airing of the show will definitely give much media exposure to the already famous Pacquio. It cannot be denied that CBS viewers are more diverse and widespread than viewers of HBO, who are mainly composed of boxing fans. Fight Camp 360 will definitely boost the transcending popularity of Pacquiao not only in the sport of boxing but to other genre. Manny has slowly become a pop icon. Manny would be the first non-American who became very popular and is idolizes in a land not his own. That is because most Americans look not into the citizenship of the Filipino fighter, but admire the man himself via his virtues, his beliefs, his generosity and his faith. Most Americans look up to Manny as a model of a good person. The would-be example of the true American Dream.

CBS has produced for decades already unparalleled episodes and shows which raked up millions of dollars. Its final episode of M*A*S*H garnered the highest ever viewership of 50.15 million households. The airing of Fight Camp 360 will bring Pacquiao to each and every homes in America. This will definitely endear him to most Americans.

Come the May 7, 2011 fight, most critics would be disappointed that what they labeled as ‘garbage’ will earn the distinction of one of the most-watched boxing match in television.


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