The “Gloria” Roadshow

I always arrive home at around 6:30 every evening since I have to take public transport from my office to the apartment we rent in Makati. This affords me to watch TV Patrol which starts at the very same time. The past weeks, I was being haunted on TV by the recurring news and images of GMA wearing a neck brace. The last time I saw her – she was being mobbed by press people, very eager to have a scoop on her, as she attempted, together with her husband, to board a plane bound for Hongkong. She never made it.

You can see on GMA’s face the frustration and the disappointment for not being able to board that flight, her last ditch to freedom. The wheelchair, the neck brace, her sad look, and the home dress she was made to wear that evening, all added up to the show she wanted the public to see. She spoke softly and meekly. She opened her mouth with much effort; like gathering all her strength to utter a single word. Some who watched it were moved; some complained, and some even maybe cried out of compassion for a former leader who is now supposedly being “persecuted”.

Sad to say but I never bought her crap.

I do not blame others who do not share my sentiment against GMA because I know that we, Filipinos, were “born this way”. We are very compassionate. We easily forgive. And sometimes, we have a short-term memory. We are the most lenient people in the world that even the worst offense may be met with only a slap in nape.In doing this, we disregard the rule of law and go after the rule of compassion.

What we don’t know is that we often fall into a snake pit, into a trap – a trickery. How many times did we fool ourselves in giving street beggars money just to find out later that they spent it on gambling? How many times did we succumb to buy so-called discounted gifts at supermarkets, often being surprised later that we don’t need the item? How many cases of swindling are filed every month in our courts? The problem is, we easily trust what we see.

Maybe this is the right time that we should let the rule of law govern and set aside our emotions. Only in the propriety of things and processes shall we find prosperity and peace. Why do we have to discuss what kind of prison cell GMA will be entered into, what kind of treatment will she be afforded, and what kind of food will she be served in prison? Let the ordinary course of things run. Let us just ignore her complaints, and let the court determine her fate. Anyway, her complaints are just means to seek attention.


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