Corona’s Impeachment and PNoy’s “Autocratic” Rule: Let’s Wait and See

I am not really surprised if PNoy bought a copy of The Singapore Story: Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew. Nowadays, I see him emulating the leadership template of the half-a-century-long Singapore leader.

With all the clamors and invectives hurled at him for being rude at Corona and for the current rally to impeach the Chief Justice, I do not oppose him. I believe, this time, whatever strong hand the country should get, it must get.

Filipinos are naturally-born stubborn, just like any Asians are. That’s why our culture permits our parent to use corporal punishment on us. Who would then say that such punishment is not applicable to adults? Filipinos used to hide under the “so-called” freedom and rights to evade sanctions and to shelter them from repercussions. Our laws offer lots of these “rights” that we tend to abuse rather than use them for the common good. We always complain. We can’t get enough of publicity, whether it’s good or bad. We admire strict rules, yet we do not want to follow them.

I believe that the present mission of PNoy in the Impeachment of Corona is to weed out thorns during the prosecution of Gloria Arroyo. The other aim is to sow fear among other justices who shall favor the former president. In the process, PNoy shall have not much opposition in his future plans for the country.

If PNoy is really serious in his mission to cleanse the bureaucracy of corrupt officials, so be it. Why should we hinder it? If through this move, we shall again regain investor’s confidence, why not? Let’s wait and see if these present actions are really part of a grand plan to straighten our society. We might be barking so early.

What the Philippines really needs is the strict implementation of its laws. As a people, we are very forgiving. We are very lenient that at times our leniency tolerates abuse. We always give a big fuss to simple matters which should not be anymore given attention. We entertain complains which are frivolous.

One example is – why the hell should we argue with Gloria Arroyo on what mode of transportation she should take to the hospital? Why should we still argue on whether she should get a hospital or a house arrest? And lately, why should we bargain if whether she would be allowed gadgets in her hospital room?

I can see the Singaporean and the Malaysian leaders laughing at our backs.

If these are not allowed by the rules, why should we grant them. This is the reason why we are not being taken seriously by other cultures. We always flip-flop in our decisions. Just take a look at our jurisprudence.

Whatever goal this present administration has in mind, as long as it will not abuse its powers for personal gains, I will support it. Let us just wait and see.


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