Insider Info: Corona has NO Support from Majority of Court Employees

I dined last Tuesday with one of the top officials of the Philippine Association of Court Employees (PACE) and the topic of the Chief Justice came into table. I asked him why didn’t the association give out a media interview in support of the beleaguered magistrate. He said, they won’t. Then I asked why. The Chief, he said, does not have the backing of the association. Corona has not been easy on the benefits of the employees even before the impeachment drama was unfolded. He and the association have frequent squabbles concerning the employees’ welfare.

Then I asked him why it seems that there were many employees who attended in solidarity with the Chief during his media conference. He told me that most of those who attended were confidential employees and staffs of the several justices who gave support to Corona. The official also told me that they will not give any official support through the media or official writing.This is totally contradictory to the news spread in major broadsheets that PACE supports him.


There are speculations spreading that Corona will resign once he gets the TRUE numbers in the Senate. This is in stark contrast to his pronouncement that he will fight to the end.

Corona is fully aware that the trial proceeding is a political exercise and that each and every evidence presented will be subjectively appreciated by the senator-jurors. Public opinion is another different story. But this will influence the decisions of judges especially those who are seeking reelection come 2013. And it is not foreseen that public opinion against Corona will dwindle before the elections given the fact that PNoy’s popularity has been lately on the upswing.

It is said that the Malacañang through a third party is planning to commission a national survey before elections on the people’s opinion of Corona’s guilt. The result will surely be overwhelming against the Chief. The televised trial will not save him face since the common people will always rely on the interpretations of the media.

  Ω Ω Ω Ω

One of my friends intimated that a constitutional crisis is looming as the Supreme Court will strike down the constitutionality of the impeachment proceedings in the House of Representatives. This scenario might not happen as the numbers of justices supporting Corona has already reduced. There are reports that certain justices have already changed “affiliations”, posing difficulty who supports Corona to reach a majority.


One topic raised is a probable military takeover taking advantage of the present bickering between the two branches. This probability may be the least of our worries as PNoy has the likes of Danny Lim, Antonio Trillanes, and Gringo Honasan at his side. These three extremists who are still very active leaders of the RAM support the President in this present endeavor.


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