Why Not Dissolve the Philippine Armed Forces?

As I was surfing the web, I came across a news article on the allocation of the Department of National Defense from the National Budget this 2012. It is a staggering Php19.8 billion.

It is undeniable that this department and the Armed Forces under it, are but havens for corruption since maybe it was established a century ago. And since its inception, we cannot remember any single moment in history that this group has defended the Philippines from external aggressions; maybe during World War II under the direct supervision and control of the Americans.

My point is, why waste so much money for an agency which is only there for nominal image? I have searched info from around the globe and  discovered that there are several countries out there who does not have their own armed forces or military. And they are saving a lot of money.

We have the least  equipped and the most corrupt armed forces among the top nations in Southeast Asia. Look at our planes, our ships and our helicopters. Most of them date back even during the “Tora Tora” years. We may someday realize that Vietnam has more armed power than us.

One would say that we should have one armed forces to discourage other countries to invade us or maybe to deter them from bullying us. I don’t buy that point. I don’t think China nowadays is apprehensive of occupying the Spratly’s only because it fears our armed forces. Hell, no. Right now we are considered the little kid who brags, depends, and calls for help from our big brother – the Americans. Believe it or not, in the eyes of the international community, we are still a protectorate of the U.S., just like Guam, Palau, and other Micronesian islands in the Pacific.

Who you may say shall counter the threats caused by the insurgents, e.g. the MILF, Abu Sayaff, and the NPAs? Are not these groups only internal threats? We can always spin-off special forces from the the Philippine National Police or create a national guard to deal with these people. In our offensive against these insurgents, did we ever use battle ships, our F-18 fighters, or tanks. Did we have a full blown artillery battle with these people, complete with both sides planning strategies? None. The only thing we get from them, is guerrilla warfare. That is why the military  always sends special forces, such as, the marines, rangers, etc. to deal with them.

How do we defend our country, if one may insist that we need one strong military? Why not invite the U.S. again to set up a small base in Palawan or the MIndanao. This time around, it should however be thoroughly planned. I have no doubt, the Americans will welcome this with open hands. I know this is very much debatable because of sovereignty issues. But come to think of it, has Japan lost its sovereignty, has Turkey also lost its sovereignty, has Qatar and other European nations lost theirs. There’s a way of putting everything in their proper perspective.

On the other side, the best thing that will happen to us is, we will save money and will dissolve one of the most corrupt institutions in our country.


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