Why the Philippines need Leni Robredo as its Vice President


I have always been of the opinion that the vice president position is a spare tire. Especially when the winner comes from a political party different from that of the president. I think that the framers of our present constitution were so stigmatized by martial law that they allowed opposing party’s candidate to independently get a chance to bag the position. This is in case the president again turned into a tyrant and is deposed.

In the contrary, I however admire the block voting format for both the president and the vice president. If the president could not finish his term, then the vice president, coming from the same party and political platform could continue the projects and programs started by his predecessor. However the setback could be, if the vice president is not a party-mate and would not cooperate with the president, he will be without any cabinet position and will remain as a gentleman or lady in waiting, wasting our tax-money in the process.

With all these in my mind, there could be no chance that I would vote for Robredo. And indeed I did not. I wanted constancy of policies. And I did block voting. But right now, I wish I had voted for her.

Several days ago, I happened to watch again the interviews on Leni and had read some articles about her. I came to realise that among the pool of candidates for the position, she has the cleanest and the most humble background, a rare plight for a person in the legal profession nowadays. But to top it all, what I like about her is that she has the charisma to stop Bong Bong Marcos from getting the second highest position in the land.

Having been taught TRUE history by some of the great minds of the State University in Diliman, I never dwindled from my academic beliefs or doubted the fact that the Marcoses’ plunged the Philippines into the dark ages. Not only did the family pillaged the coffers of the country, or tortured people who were against their rule, they also created in government a system of corruption which later permeated into the very fabric of society and everyday living. And that’s the reason why I hate each one of them.

Bong Bong’s election into the vice presidency would likewise drive the country into a quandary. Even now, the hairline gap in the counts would put into question the moral and socio-cultural values of Filipinos in the international stage. Why still vote for the family that placed you in shame and misery?

The millennials may have a different perspective of what happened in the 70’s and 80’s. But throwing remarks that absolutely contradicts the state of the nation and the fate of the people living in that era are insults to our history. Maybe our education system has failed to educate our young minds about our past.

Bong Bong’s pronouncement that a Leni victory will thwart a Duterte presidency was self-serving. He wanted to rally Duterte’s supporters to his personal ambition. However, Duterte’s remarks in the later days would show that he prefers Leni to be his vice president. It is undeniable that he still clings to the struggle and ideals of his late mother that supported the ouster of Bong Bong’s father. The reason is evident in not choosing the latter as his running mate.

From playing behind the scenes of her late husband, the reluctant mother was forced into the limelight by the administration’s desperation to bag a seat in the new government. But looking into her, Leni is not just any woman to contend with. She has the qualities of a true statesman. She is firm and can withstand pressures from all sides – even from her party mates. If given the chance to prove herself. She could very well be our next president in 2022.




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