The Marcos Burial: Why I don’t care anymore

marcos-burialWhat is happening today is the product of a long time of neglect by our government and society. This time, today, is the boiling point. It is where everything goes down the drain.

In the first place, it was also Cory Aquino who lifted the ban to return the body of Marcos to the Philippines in 1991. In Fidel Ramos’s time, a memorandum was even signed to return Marcos’s remains to the country. This flip-flopping of decisions and governance gave a lot of headaches. Why gave in to the family of a deposed leader? And why were there no rallies to oppose them in those times? The cancer was in its first stage.

The Jejomar Binay recommendation to bury the body in Batac could have also sealed the issue once and for all. But it was ruled down by the former President. The indecisiveness and the political plays by our former leaders gave way to this present event. Until a leader like Duterte, once and for all, decided to put the final nail in the coffin. To silence those who only choose to blabber and complain. And no one but the Supreme Court concurred with him.

It was a good strategy for the Executive to throw the issue to the Highest Court. And who will dare question the wisdom of nine (9) justices against five (5). The question of law was legally resolved. What are raised now are emotions and questions of morality.

I myself am not agreeable (morally, emotionally). But I don’t care anymore because our former leaders and our “proactive” society did not do their jobs well.

The result explains their actions.


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